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20 | San Francisco | Tattoo Artist / Musician
- Who likes Ganja Art?-
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Tattoos, art, music, dreadlocks,
cats, Game of Thrones, drugs, good vibes
and progressive metal.
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My angel
1993 - 2011

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Too true…


Too true…

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favourite person in the world.



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""There are special cases though" erm idk about the USA but aren't there laws saying you can't ? Certainly in the UK there are no matter what you consider a 'special case'"

If there is a parent/guardian PRESENT, it is okay in most cases.

"I would give anything for your body. Do you work out?"

D’aw thankyohhh ;3c And nope. I do walk to and back from school everyday but that’s about it. I just eat well I guess

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50 shades of fucked up

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"would you ever tattoo a minor????"

I know I’m not working in a shop anymore, but I won’t tattoo anyone under 17. There are special cases though.

"why didnt you like living on the east coast"

Well, I’ve only lived in Boston and I didn’t like it because

  • too many people were rude as fuck
  • too many racist bastards/not enough racial diversity
  • everyones always rushing places
  • cold
  • not enough inspiration
  • or colours anywhere
  • fuck grey skies
  • i dont give a fuck about baseball
  • not enough people smoked weed
  • bad food (that wasn’t a bagel)
  • i hated my school + what i was doing (the biggest problem i think)
  • just wasn’t my thing. 

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"how do you feel about capes"

"Why don't you model ?"

Hahah thank you, maybe someday, but I doubt it cause I’m pretty short :(